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June 27, 2009

Launched way back in 2003, MILF Hunter has been around for quite awhile, and browsing through the library shows it. This site’s exclusive content revolves around the concept of ‘hunting’ hot milfs, wherever they may be. They ‘stalk’ the Milf babes at the mall, shopping plazas, etc, until they’re able to confront them, proposition them, and take them home for a good hard fucking.

The babes on the site are impressively hot, and the unique angle on the Milf Niche that they have adds a lot to the quality, and enhances the reality-based nature of the videos. All the videos are exclusive to the site and produced by the Reality Kings themselves.

Right now they’re library is the happy home of 320+ videos of very good quality that span sub-niches – ebony, asian, big tits, bubble butts, threesomes, etc. Most of the models are decidedly young to be Milfs, but they act the part, which makes me more than happy.

Each episode also comes with a healthy sized photo gallery, around 450 pictures in each. These are good sized photographs at a good quality and best of all they can be easily downloaded as a single zip file.

All of the content is without download limits and updated every Monday or even more frequently on occasion. The results of the hard work and effort put into this site have clearly paid off.

The members area is easy to navigate, just like the tour pages. Navigation is clearly labeled and getting around their big library is easy. They don’t have any fancy searches but they organize their videos by date with a thumbnail and description. It’s not as convenient as categorization and searching but it isn’t a pain either.

With your membership you get access to 24 or more other sites on the Reality Kings and other networks, which means more than four to six times the content you signed up for. They aren’t all Milf sites but the content is just as sharp and enjoyable.

MILF Hunter gets good scores across the board and stands out as a niche leader.



June 26, 2009

Experienced mature babes know better than most how to fuck, and MILF Lessons proves this. Here’s a site all about the sexy MILF that still lusts for a big cock, and doesn’t mind teaching a thing or two to the lucky stud in the process. A site that is original and 100% exclusive, MILF Lessons excels in all categories.

Currently you’ll find more than 200 video episodes on the website which are served up in WMV and MPEG format. The videos are a high quality that really show off the hot bodies and hardcore fucking that they contain. Episodes run at about 30 minutes each and come DRM free.

Photo episodes also come with each episode. These are good quality and total about 250 pics for each episode. There a great bonus with the hot video content, I only wish they offered a ZIP to make downloading easier.

MILF Lessons, if you didn’t know, is part of the BangBros network. You get access to the whole series of 16 reality-themed sites when you sign up and they all share the same members area. This makes browsing the entire collection easy. They’ve got a ton of search functions, user recommendations, order by date, model name, model features, etc. Basically, its easy as it can be to search a very large database (remember, these 200+ videos in MILF Lessons alone!). Some of the other sites you get access to are Big Tits Round Asses, Moms Anal Adventure, and the popular Bang Bus.

Updates are regular as is evident in the count of episodes. Bang Bros is a great company that stands behind their product and it shows. MILF Lessons easily belongs in the top 5 of MILF reality sites without question, and in terms of it being a good deal, well, you’d be hard pressed to find this quality and quantity for the price elsewhere.



August 18, 2008

You know you want to do it too. Cruiser around town, find some hot MILFs at soccer games, the mall, or the grocery store, and talk them into hopping into the back seat for good hard fuck. That’s what MILF Cruiser is all about, and they do a damn good job at it, too. The site has been around for awhile now and thanks to regular update is home to more than 125 exclusive episodes.

Right now those 125+ episodes come in WMV, MPEG and iPod formats. The WMV is super high quality and the MPEG isn’t too far behind. Each scene stars a hot MILF, though admittedly some of these babes are a bit young for the classification, getting her pussy pounded, her tits squeezed, or a variety of other exciting hardcore action. The videos do have some DRM restrictions so you might want to take a closer look before jumping in.

Each episode also comes with good quality photo galleries. They average around 300 pics each and these are great quality photos that can be browsed online and downloaded individually.

The site is easy to use and does a good job organizing all of their hundred plus episodes. Good categorization, clear navigation and an overall pleasant design make surfing and downloading a pleasure. The site has slowed with updates over the years but still puts up at least a series of updates once a month, which means the library is continuing to grow.

You get access to another 17 member sites when join up, which is a huge bonus as all of these sites (part of the Adult Reality Pass) are of an equally superb quality and based on a reality premise like MILF Cruiser.

MILF Cruiser stands out as a fun flavor of the MILF niche with a solid track record for updates and quality. What they promise they deliver and then some. In my opinion this site has some of the hottest MILF action around, and I really enjoyed their ‘cruising’ angle. It adds a great level to the action that makes it all the more enjoyable.



August 18, 2008

Please Bang My Wife brings you horny wives that need a good fuck, and embarrassed husbands begging well endowed studs to do the favor. Each video starts with a sort of introduction where the horny wife-to-be-fucked meets a big cock, and her husband asks him to give it to her. Of course, they always agree!

The video episodes are all 100% original and exclusive, and typically run at about 25-30 minutes each. They can be downloaded in good quality WMV format or streamed in the browser as a higher quality FLASH video. In the past the entire network only offered streaming but this has changed. Currently there are about 74+ videos, but you get access to around 1,600 bonus episodes from elsewhere as a member.

The website is clean and easy to use. Navigation is clear and accurate, and good organization makes downloading pretty easy. The site is actually a member of the Reality Pass Plus Network, home to sites like MILFs in Heat, Big Tit Patrol and Heels and Hoes. Your membership gives you access to all 23 sites in the network, and while library quantity varies depending on the site and how new it is, the video quality is overall very good.

I should mention that there is a download limit of 6 videos per day that’s network-wide, which may be annoying for some. In my book, 6 videos is plenty, considering the variety and quality offered up here.

Another great thing about the deal from Please Bang My Wife is that several of the other network sites are also MILF-reality related. This means you get a lot of milf fucking for your hard earned dollar. A good and unique bonus as many networks fail to offer much as far as niche-related content from the other member sites.



August 18, 2008

As the name implies, Moms A Cheater is a reality site that focuses on misbehaving and horny MILFs. The site has been around for awhile now and has a very healthy library, hot models, and a good variety of sub-niche action (threesome, big tits, anal, etc).

Right now you’ll find over 120 videos on the site available in WMV and MOV formats. The videos are a very good quality and feature some hot content. All of the content is 100% exclusive and original to the site it gets high marks in that category. The episodes typically run at around 20 minutes each, which is shorter than many other MILF sites out there.

There are photos for each episode but they are vid caps and not worth looking at unless you want to get an idea of what’s in the scene before downloading.

The site is designed well and makes it pretty easy to browse and download. Navigation is clearly labeled and videos are well categorized. I’d like to see a few more features and search functions added and improved but as it is it gets the job done.

In the past, you only had access to Moms a Cheater and had to pay a premium to get access to the other sites in the network. Now they’ve gone ahead and thrown in the 13 other network sites for free. These sites range in quality and style but are overall a welcomed addition.

What stands out the most about the site is its content and niche. The cheating MILF works well for them, and they’ve made some great hardcore fucking scenes using the premise. While updates can sometimes be sporadic and the photos are all but worthless, I still like the site a lot and think it has something to offer the Milf fan out there.



August 18, 2008

See My Wife is a brand new site that showcases couples sending their ‘homemade’ videos in. Whether for good or bad, these aren’t real amateurs but rather a reality gimmick starring hot pornstars. You’ll find some smoking hot babes here acting and behaving as though its a ‘homemade’ video, which is just fine by my standards.

The site is very new, only about 6 months or less, and has already been irregular with updates. Right now there are about 20 videos on the site that run around 30 minutes, though videos can sometimes contain two scenes – one longer and one shorter. These are available in high quality WMV format only, and there are download limits of 10 GB in any given 24 hour period. They usually update every week but so far have missed 2 or 3 weeks at a time since launch. More on this topic at the end.

Photo galleries are also available and do not correspond with the video episodes. Each gallery has around 45-60 pics and sometimes contain various models. The quality is also very good, just like the videos, though a bit random in how they’re packaged. The pics are available in large ZIP files for quick and easy download.

The site is easy to use and well designed, and browsing is pretty easy. Finding the videos you want isn’t hard thanks to smart and clearly labeled navigation.

The site is part of a larger network of 24 sites, among them them the titles Team Squirt, MILF Next Door, Mike’s Apartment and the famous Mike in Brazil. This means you get access to some high quality sites with much larger libraries when you sign up, though most of the content, while hot, is not of the same style or niche as See My Wife’s unique angle.

I promised to mention the random updates again, and here’s why. Though See My Wife may not update every week like clockwork, the 25 site network as a whole does. That means as a member of See My Wife you’ll be guaranteed lots of fresh content every week spread out over the various sites, which makes the sporadic nature of See My Wife a little easier to overlook.



August 18, 2008

Mommy Got Boobs is a member of the Brazzers Network, where big boobs and hot Milfs are plentiful. The site has been around for over 2 years and thanks to the dedication of the Brazzers team has grown into a very large site that is jam packed with high quality boner popping action.

Right now you’ll find more than 150 exclusive episodes with some of the hottest models on the net. Among the names here you’ll find Brittany Andrews, Kristal Summers, Diamond Foxx and the busty Sienna West. Each epidoe runs about 30 minutes but sometimes longer, and features a simple storyline to get you hot before the fucking starts. Video can be downloaded in WMV and MPG formats in high or medium quality. The high quality videos is sharp and good. You can also stream FLASH versions of the videos right in the browser at a high quality, or download only clips of the video and the scenes you like best.

Photo galleries go with each episode and typically have around 300 pics in each. These are high quality photos with small watermarks that can be downloaded in 1 large ZIP file for archiving. For the archivers out there, rest assured that there are no DRM restrictions (hooray!) or download limits.

The site is well designed, with members area being incorporated into the network. You get access to all Brazzers Network sites when you join, by the way, and browsing the entire Network database is easy. Either use the nifty search to filter your results to perfection (want a blonde, big tits, threesome, anal video? No problem) or check out what others have ranked highest or is most recent.

Mommy Got Boobs is a great Milf/Big Tits site that sets the bar high for its competition. When you throw in the other Brazzers sites that are of equally awesome quality it becomes very hard to say no. There’s a reason why Brazzers is one of the best in the game, and their Mommy Got Boobs site is just another reminder.



August 18, 2008

Bang my Step Mom is the newest Milf site on the block, having just launched in June of 2008. The site revolves around a reality-style where step-sons can’t take their hot mom’s attention any longer and break down and fuck them, sometimes while their fathers watch. Definitely on the risque-side of things but all the more fun for it.

For a month of activity the site has a reasonable amount of content. Right now the video episodes count sits at just 16 or so. So far they’ve updated weekly with both videos and photos, and if they keep it up they should be well on their way to a good-sized collection before the end of the year.

The video content is high quality and available in WMV and AVI formats for download and as a FLASH stream in your browser. The content in the WMVs and AVIs are both super and have large resolutions. The action shines in the high quality filming and we enjoyed every episode we watched. The typical runtime is in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.

The photo galleries go along with each episode, and contain on average around 160-175 pics. They are a good quality, comparable with the episodes, and are shot on their own. IE these aren’t video stills like some sties try to pass off.

The site is well designed and easy to use. While such a small library isn’t going to be that hard to browse, they have some good navigational tools in place to scale well once the site grows in size.

Again, the only thing hampering this sites score is its size due to its very very recent launch. In the end, though, it matters very little to members if its new or old. The number of videos is more important to the typical browser. To remedy this, they’ve thrown in access to 129 exclusive reality sites. This means those 16 videos turn into around 17,700. The content varies in both theme, niche and quality throughout the sites, but is overall a very good deal, and a sweet bonus that should tempt the member who likes the content but doesn’t think there is enough of it.

So long as they stay regular with updates and keep creating good content, this site should be a big success in the near future.


August 18, 2008


A reality site where hot and horny sexy MILF seduce their son’s willing friends to get the hard cock they crave. My Friend’s Hot Mom has been around for over 4 years and they have worked very hard since opening their doors to the public. They make their own exclusive reality episodes which have a consistent quality across the board with hot models, good action, and a diversity of sub-niches (interracial, threesome, big tits, anal, etc).

Right now the site is home to nearly 200 video episodes but this number keeps growing every week thanks to regular updates. Each episode runs at around 30 minutes and can be downloaded in WMV, MPG or iPod (mp4) format. The WMV and MPEG quality is about the same, falling in the very good range. There are no download limits and everything is 100% exclusive which means you won’t find it anywhere else.

Each episode also comes with a decent-sized photo gallery (around 80-100 pics in each). These aren’t anything special, but their good and easy to download as a single ZIP file. They have large watermarks which may annoy some people.

The My Friend’s Hot Moms embers area is simple and clean, easily navigated. Videos or organized well and easy to browse through, and finding the scenes and models you want is easy with network-wide search functionality.

You’ll need the network-wide search because you get a healthy dose of extra sites with your membership, including the popular Bookworm Bitches and SoCalCoeds. Add it all up and you’re getting a lot of high quality content.

Overall My Friends Hot Mom is yet another fun Milf site on top of its game. Their unique reality approach to each episode is consistent and well executed, and makes them stand out in their own unique way. Some of the older videos are of lesser quality but that tends to be how it is everywhere and it isn’t something I hold against them — technology has come a long way, as has download speeds and ISP services.

I enjoyed this site and would happily recommend it to anyone who’s fantasized about fucking his friend’s hot mom or gets turned on by the idea.


August 18, 2008

Milfs Like it Big is a member of the prestigious Brazzers Network, and all Brazzers sites, they deliver a high quality product. Many of the models in other sites, such as Big Tits at Work and Mommy Got Boobs, appear here as well, and you’ll also see some new faces. What all the models tend to have in common is a curvacious body: big tits and asses are the norm.

The site was launched in 2007 and is already home to a significant library of content. Right now they’ve got about 70+ videos that each run around 30 minutes. These are high quality vids, too. You can download in WMV or MPG formats in various levels of quality, or stream an awesome-quality FLASH version right in your browser. In testing the speed performance was great.

Each video episode also comes with a pack of photos to go with it. Or maybe I should say a crate — there are around 1,200 pics in each set, which is pretty much unheard of on other sites. These are large resolution quality images on the same par as the video, and you can download them easily as a single ZIP file.

The members area is one of the places that Brazzers Network really succeeds. All their sites are linked together, as you get access to the whole network when you sign up for any single site. You can easily check out the vids that are just on Milfs Like it Big or browse all the recent updates across the entire network. If that isn’t doing it for you check out the filtered search, letting you find only the videos that have a certian model, hair color, tit size, or niche action (like anal, threesome, etc).

The list goes on in praise of this site but let’s keep it short and sweet: it’s one of the best MILF sites on the net. Period. It’s well worth the price, especially when you throw in the access you get to the 15 or so other Brazzers Sites, all of which have equally stunning content.

MIFL porn – hot moms next door, milf pussy

July 24, 2008

Mature moms with overflowing tits, big round asses and full lips that make a perfect vacum seal around a cock. Free pictures galleries. Milf – Moms I’d Like to Fuck – mature moms in their 30s hardcore action; two hunter guys drive through the city to find sexy milfs with kids home, willing to have a quick fuck for a buck. No matter how serious they are, these milf hunter guys surely know how to get women going, their wild adventures are all on video. Check the links below for the best pictures and videos from milf reality porn sites. Real hot mature moms are wild in bed and are willing to have mature sex with anyone while their kinds are sleeping in the next room.



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